We operate a well-resourced contact centre which utilises a multi-channel strategy (voice, sms, letters and email) to recover outstanding debt. Tracing services and legal action is outsourced to our panel of service providers. Collections are undertaken on a no collection, no charge arrangement (contingency model).

Cost of Service:
All accounts successfully recovered are subject to a collection commission which is a percentage of the claim amount. All disbursements and necessary expenses are borne by the customer and not by yourselves. Accounts which are collectable, but cancelled by you after collection has commenced is subject only to a small nominal fee in respect of expenses incurred. Depending on your profile of debt and volumes of accounts, we are willing to negotiate on our collection commission percentage.

Statements and reports: 
All client payovers and statements are processed on the 15th of each month in arrears. We are able to generate progress reports on all your matters immediately upon request.

Status of Accounts:
We are in a position to generate substantial returns on accounts which are between 3 to 12 months old. Please be advised that accounts that are between 1 to 3 years old will also receive great attention by ourselves; however we caution that the rate of recovery is usually compromised by the age of the accounts.

Method of Handing Over:
Handovers can be sent to us either manually or electronically. For manual handovers, please let us have copies of the credit agreement and latest statement of account. For electronic handovers, you may email the file to us where upon the data would be uploaded onto our collections system and collections will commence immediately.

Contact Centre Methodology:
We have been winning over the confidence of hundreds of satisfied clients since 1994 and are happy to supply you with references of clients in your industry. We believe that our collections process is practical, efficient and cost- effective as our philosophy relies on recouping overdue accounts by
influential negotiations using a call centre strategy instead of resorting to costly and impractical court action.